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MAE Cymru meeting notes

  • Summary of 1 March discussion on how we would like to work on our 4 focus areas in 2022-23

Training Materials

  • Produced and offered worldwide by the Anglican Communion, God's Justice: Just Relationships between Women and Men, Girls and Boys is a set of study materials designed to deepen our scriptural and theological understandings of: 

    • why human beings, women and men, girls and boys, have equal value and innate dignity

    • the implications of this for the sharing of power, knowledge and resources, and for freedom from cultural and interpersonal systems of privilege and oppression

    • why gender-based and domestic violence is a sinful perversion of our response to God’s reconciling love for all people, and is therefore unacceptable, inexcusable and intolerable

MAE Cymru Annual Reports and Accounts

Reports and Statistics

​The History of MAE Cymru

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