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While much progress has been made, many lay and ordained women continue to face additional challenges within the Church because of their gender. MAE Cymru wants to ensure that all women can access the support they need to navigate these challenges. We have experience of offering informal accompaniment and would be happy to discuss your situation with you in confidence, to see if we can help or direct you to someone who can.


Our members have been working for gender equality and justice in the Church for many years and have a wide range of experiences to share. If you are interested in receiving mentoring from an experienced MAE Cymru member, please get in touch.

Church in Wales Bullying and Harassment Policy

As MAE Cymru we believe in the rights and well-being of all people, and for workplaces to be a place of safety – physically, spirituality, emotionally, psychologically – to enable all to be and to offer the best they can. We are fully committed to upholding the Church in Wales Bullying and Harassment Policy, which states that: "Any form of bullying, harassment, abuse or intimidation irrespective of a given reason will not be tolerated."

To find out more about either of our support offers, or to request support, please get in touch.

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